Catherine Eddowes… 

Her ancestry, her background, her family, her life and her grizzly demise.

A contemporaneous illustration from ‘The Penny Illustrated Paper‘ published: Saturday, 13th October 1888


The following narrative is not intended or designed in any way to be another ‘Who was Jack the Ripper’ as there has been much already documented on that subject.

This is primarily a collection of notes about the life of Catherine Eddowes.
The events leading up to the violent death of Catherine are chronicled here by way of extracts from literature, past and present, also from reports from a vast range of magazines and newspapers, photocopied, collected and collated since the 1970’s recently transferred from paper to hard drive and now in Blogosphere Magazine format.

Much of the detail has been transcribed from newspapers available from the British Library Reading Room, situated in Euston Road, London, and of course, more recently utilising online resources, available here:

The information provided from the various sources during the events of autumn 1888 will differ considerably, depending on a journalists geographical location, despite the fact that the source information may have been obtained from the same source!

This narrative may be interspersed with additional, noteworthy dates, in order to provide the reader with a chronological timeline by including other important or notable events, which may have little or no continuity with the main theme.

It’s a great shame that anyone has to end up like this:-

Copies of originals now held at City of London Police Museum


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